Monday, February 4, 2013

Woah wait.....Size 44 belt?!?!

     So last night was the Super Bowl. I have to admit I was a little naughty in regards to the food that was there. Now compare what I ate last to me in the past, last night looks more like I was eating twigs and nuts compared to the way I used to eat. The past me would have eaten an entire bag of chips, had 4th's on dinner, polished off half the tray of cookies, add all that up with no exercise and no wonder I was at 420lbs at one point!

     Today was my weigh-in. I was a little nervous because of my "splurge" last night. I really didn't want it to be a 0 or a + number. Needless to say when the scale said 295lbs this guy was stoked! Sure I was a little naughty last night but I did not allow myself to go overboard! Let me tell you there was plenty of food there for me to be naughty with! The key is I was able to keep myself under control and limit what I consumed, being sure to keep what my coaches have been teaching me in mind. STICK WITH THE PLAN!

     The next task was getting ready for the day. When I got around to getting a belt it seemed like the one I have been using was just a touch too loose. So I grabbed one I purchased after Christmas with "future use" in mind. Back in September I believe I was at a 52 waist. Well the belt I had been saving is a size 44 and it fits!!! All of or at least most of high school I wore size 46! Size 44 is crazy talk!!! But man oh man it is awesome! Progress folks! September Size 52 and in February Size 44!!! That's a big deal for any body!



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