Monday, January 28, 2013

290's Baby!

     Well we have finally made it back to the 290's! This is the first time since high school that I have weighed under 300lbs! Friday night I had hit another milestone, I ran a mile just a few seconds over 14 minutes. You read that right. As a teenager I had always had a hard time running for distance. My real problem was a lack of wanting to push myself to be honest. So when I looked at my Nike Plus data at the end of my 5k I did not realize I did my fastest mile until Tiger Woods congratulated me on my fastest mile 14:03! I still had my headphones on and just laughed, and the lady next to me was puzzled and trying to figure out what I was laughing at.

     High school I remember no matter how hard I tried to do a 15 minute mile the best I could squeak out was 16:36 so for me 14:03 is a big deal. How man 34 year old men can say that they are out performing their teen-aged self in their 30's? Just think my goal weight is 168lbs so I still have a ways to go. Below is a graph of my weight loss since starting Medifast.

My weight loss progress so far.

     I am looking forward to competing in a 5k this summer. I am trying to push myself and be ready for a 10k but if all I can handle is 5k then that will be fine with me. I am also looking forward to doing more outdoors / men type things. Not being in NH I have to admit I really miss just being able to go hunting and fishing. I love the woods and the outdoors, my wife not so much. For me the further away from city life the better. Steph loves being near 6 different grocery stores so she can use her coupons and get the best deals. In the boondocks you are lucky if there is a Super Walmart 45 minutes away. Just really looking forward to getting up and doing more!


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