Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Biggest Loser Season

     So the new season of The Biggest Loser started tonight. I was a fan of the show until the season Rulon Gardner left near the end. Heck I think the season before that, I kind of soured on the show when Arthur Wornum was booted off. He was a person that really needed to be there but got booted. He was working hard and losing a lot of weight, I kind of forget why he was even booted. I was just sad because he really needed help and got the ole heave-ho. Alas this season is the change I think a lot of people wanted to see in the show. Not only are they helping adults but also kids. The kids can not be voted off the show! Which rocks! Needless to say I will be watching this current season as I too continue my road to weight loss.

     I have been doing rather well with my Medifast diet. Since starting in September I have lost 52lbs! Tomorrow morning I will do my weigh-in and am hoping for a good number. This week I have ramped up my workout's a little bit. Since the 1st I have walked every day, trying to do at least 1.5 miles at work and 3.2 miles at home. Yesterday I decided to try walking / running 10k. I found running up hill was easier than running down hill. I know it sounds odd but I grew up in the mountain's of New Hampshire so maybe that played a part? If you have an iPhone or Android device I suggest installing the free Nike+ app. You do not need the special Nike+ shoes to use it on your smart phone. I use Nike+ on my iPod Nano and for that I use the sensor & shoe pod that fit into my Nike+ sneakers. It is an awesome motivational tool! Once I get into the 200's I will post some progress pictures.

Best of luck in this new year!


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