Monday, March 18, 2013

Conditioning for Outdoor Sports

     Well it has been a few weeks since my last post. I have been super busy with work and being healthy! Any one who does not really know about my childhood and teenage years also does not know of my love for outdoor sports. Well sure bike riding and tennis I like well enough, but I am mostly talking about hiking, hunting, and fishing. Since moving to the Baltimore / Washington DC area I have not been able to do a whole lot of that. Mainly because there are so few forests left in Maryland.

     As kids my dad taught us to not just be good hunters or fishermen, but he taught us the importance of wildlife conservation and that it is ok to just go out in the woods some times and enjoy nature. I have to tell you, that at 360lbs+ it was tough trying to walk in the woods. Heck it was a chore walking up the stairs to the fridge! So far I have shed 84lbs and moving is a breeze these days! I have been doing a few different exercises to strengthen my legs and core. I have been giving the treadmill a break for a little bit but am planning to get back on that horse this week. I have been doing a modification to a workout Bob Harper had me doing where I go into a squat and then with 60lbs or more on a barbell do some reps. The squatting not only gives my legs a good workout but it also gives my core a run for its money!

     I know hunting is not for every one. I strongly encourage you to find something you like doing outside. Even if you are just starting out on your own weight loss journey you may find that your state is more beautiful than you realize! If weight is something you have struggled with and you need some one to talk to, I strongly urge you to give my health coaches Claire and Arnold a call or an email. Be sure to let them know Mike Case sent you!  They are very friendly and have been through the weight loss journey them selves.

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